Therese Neumann Part II

International recognition of Therese Neumann's stigmata as well as accounts of her supernatural visions, bi-locations and expiatory suffering for the miraculous cures of others  drew its share of skeptics but not among the Nazis in her own native land. Before and during the war, the Nazi press banned all references to her, except when it once falsely reported that she was a Hitlerite herself and in another instance it stated that she was dead. In fact, the Gestapo murdered two of her non-clerical chroniclers, journalists Fritz Gerlich and Friedrich Ritter von Lama, and the SS shelled her home in Konnersreuth, Bavaria when nobody in the village would turn her in. Also not included among the skeptics were over 12,000 American GIs who visited her at the end of WWII and throughout the postwar occupation, including one GAPA member's father-in-law! The Incredibly Shrinking West!