Our Mission


Pflicht, Kameradschaft und Freundschaft

"Let us stand fast in what is right and prepare our souls for trial. Let us be neither dogs that do not bark nor silent onlookers nor paid servants who run away before the wolf."
St. Boniface, Apostle to the Germans, 675 - 755 A.D.


To preserve and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

To uphold the laws of the Federal, State and Municipal governments in which we serve.

To establish friendship and camaraderie between sworn law enforcement officers of German heritage within the communities in which we live and serve, other German American Police organizations within the United States as well as law enforcement officers from the German speaking lands of our forefathers.

To display pride in and preserve our German American heritage.

To work to better police and community relations within the German American community and the communities in which we serve. To extend the assistance of our Association within the German American community via volunteered service or charitable donations.