Blessed are the Peacemakers: The Christmas Truce of 1914!

Secret alliances, exaggerated national pride, economic rivalries and failed diplomacy, etc., by their respective governments whether in Germany, Great Britain, or France had, by Christmas Eve 1914, bogged down much of the full flower of western European manhood deep into the stinking, muddy quagmire of trench warfare along a 300 mile wide western front that extended from the Belgian/French coast on the English Channel to the Swiss border on the south. Certainly not the glory many of them had perhaps envisioned the previous August when this most unnecessary war had commenced. The war was only in its early innings though, and each side was still fully convinced that victory would be theirs' once the next Spring's offensives were launched. Thus the Allied and German frontliners were only beginning to hate each other when in the early evening hours of Christmas Eve, His most Holy Spirit began to seep through the muck, mire and misery.